Intellisoft Technologies Inc.

Intellisoft Technologies, Inc. researches and develops business communication systems focusing on hybrid IP PBX, VoIP terminals, and data VPN servers. Orionox IPX is the registered brand of Intellisoft Technologies and the Orionox IPX product family provides convergent voice and data network solutions to SMBís (Small and Medium Businesses), hotel and restaurant , large enterprise businesses, government offices, and emerging ITSPís (Internet Telephony Service Providers).

Orionox IPX products use the top line ASIC, including DSP arrays, encryption engineers, and network processors. Orionox IPX products are the hardware solutions that meet the high standards of business communication for voice quality, system reliability, and network scalability. Our products offer a variety of interfaces for flexibility, system and network manageability, and cost effectiveness.

Intellisoft was founded in Irving Texas USA in 1997 by a group of veterans from Nortel, Lucent, Sonus, 3COM and Nuera. Each Intellisoft core team member has over 12 years of business experience or technical experience in voice and data communication industry. The talented hardware and software engineering teams can quickly respond to market demands with the appropriate solutions. In 2004, Intellisoft created development branch offices in Irving Texas and Hyderabad India and established a manufacture facility, which contributes to the price efficiency of Orionox IPX over other competitors. Intellisoft has partnerships with the top ASIC vendors in the USA and continuously develops new products to meet new demands with the best voice quality and system performance.

Since 2005, Orionox IPX has been deployed in the USA, China, South Eastern countries, Middle East countries, Mexico, and some African countries through Intellisoft distribution channels and our reseller program. During wide deployments in many countries, Orionox IPX hardware has well proved its interoperability with local PSTNís, new VoIP service networks, legacy PBXís, and many voice terminals.

As a pioneer of distributed VoIP technology and a forerunner of hybrid IP PBX vendors, Intellisoft has been active in the VoIP technology forum since the early day of VoIP technologies. Orionox IPX products have been awarded many times by Internet telephony magazine and TMC conferences, VON conferences, and Unified communication consortia. Orionox IPX systems are certified by the FCC, the CCC, and meet the standards of many other countries.

The mission of Intellisoft is to provide SMBís and emerging ITSPís with telecom grade quality convergent VoIP communication systems and devices that are reliable, scalable, and very cost effective. Our vision is to make Intellisoft IPX a well known brand name in the business communication marketplace. Intellisoft takes the challenge and responsibility to help business customers have the most efficient and productive telecommunication environment possible.

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